Saturday, March 21, 2009

Testing Guitar And Camera - Wayne Lamar On Guitar - John Brody On Camera

Note: You Must view this in Full Screen - Just click th little arrows on the bottom right of video and 'esc' button when done. Wayne Lamar, guitarist, trying out a new guitar in a music store I was in yesterday. I'm a Blues fan and I liked his sound, so I asked if I could video a bit of his playing. A very nice gent, he nodded a yes and I grabbed my Canon 5D Mark II out of the car. I'd never shot a video before, ever, so I stuck it on my tripod, fumbled a few settings and hit record. Forgive the background noise, but after, all the owner was nice enough to let me set up a camera in the middle of his store... Here you go, a 90 secong clip, the Flickr Maximum...